Parish Pastoral Council




In the spirit of Vatican II, St. Pius X has established a parish pastoral council.  This body shares responsibility with the pastor for the vision, planning and decision making required for the parish.  It provides a channel for dialogue between parish members and the pastor.  Each council member serves on one of the parish commissions or on the deanery council or as a member of the executive committee.  Eight members are elected for three-year terms, three each year, and three members are appointed for one-year terms.  The Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month, September through June, at 7:00 p.m. in Pastors Hall. 

All meetings are open to parish members.  The members of the Pastoral Council for the 2022-2023 year are:  Denny Waldron (chair), Kay Jackson (vice-chair), Terri Christoffersen, Tom Satern, Cori Butkowski, Dan Stabile, Brad Scott, Chad Huntington, Miquel Melchert and Father Seda.



These committees shall be concerned with the coordination and organization of all fiscal operations and administrative planning matters of the parish.

FINANCE COUNCIL: The general law of the church mandates that each parish is to have a finance council.  The St. Pius X Finance Council assists the pastor in overseeing all aspects of parish finances.  It monitors the monthly and yearly cash flow, and works with the pastor and business administrator in planning the annual parish budget which receives final approval from the pastoral council.  It also makes recommendations about expenditures for major improvements and expansion of parish facilities. Members of the parish are appointed to the finance committee by the pastor for three-year terms. Finance Committee members are Tom Satern (chair) , Jeff Hines, Karen Roltgen, Mike Esker, Adam Murray, Laura Diebold, Father Seda and Melanie Martin-Trainor (staff liaison).