Pink Envelopes

History of the St. Pius X Parish “Pink Envelopes”

thanks to Pat Ryan and Marilyn Roushar



  • Pink envelopes were started by Sister Eileen and we believe Father O’Brien.  It was our intent as a parish to use the pink envelopes to tithe to those in need.


  • Primary organizations early on receiving monthly assistance from pink envelope money were:
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Greene Square Meals
    • Father Connolly’s Mission
    • We also used the money to help those coming to the parish in need of help with their rent, utilities, food and sometimes auto repairs.  The people coming were from all over the community.  When Sister Eileen retired and Liz led Social Concerns, we changed how we handled these requests.  Helping Hands was doing the same work with those in need so we made a monthly contribution to them and referred all but St. Pius parishioners to Helping Hands.  This helped reduce the daily workload of this position to then focus on other areas of need.
    • Sister Eileen kept track of all pink envelope income making certain that we channeled that money to human service organizations  prior to each fiscal yearend.    So that we could do better planning, we implemented giving a flat amount each year to 12 organizations.
    • We also did an annual letter to those donating through pink envelopes which outlined how we distributed our funds for the year and thanked them for their support.  That was discontinued after Sister Eileen retired.