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Music Schedule - Fall 2022

Music Schedule - Advent 2022

Music Schedule - Christmas Season 2022 - 2023


2022 R&A fall

2022 Alleluia fall

Alleluia Advent 2022

Advent 2022 songs 1

Advent 2022 songs 2

Advent 2022 songs 3

Advent 2022 songs 4

Songs Epiphany 2023

Songs Mary Mother 2023

Alleluia Mary Mother 2023

Alleluia Epiphany 2023



     A Place at Your Table

     Advent Penitential Rite Cooney Year A

     Advent Penitential Act Cooney Year B

     Advent Penitential Act Cooney Year C

     Advent Penitential Act LANDRY PICKART

     All That We Have Seen PIANO

     Alleluia Gokelman Kauffman

     Amazing Grace modulations

     As Christ Is for Us

     As Grains of Wheat

     Ave Maria Schubert

     Beautiful Is Your Love PIANO

     Beautiful Savior CANTOR

     Bread of Angels WITH KEY CHANGE

     Bread of Life COONEY

     By Our Love KENDZIA

     Celtic Alleluia

     Christ Shine in Our Lives PIANO

     Come to the Water PIANO

     Coming Home MARTIN

     Companions on the Journey

     Creator of the Stars Blakesley

     Daniel 3 SMITH

     Deep Within

     Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

     Drawn to You PIANO

     Easter Sequence and Alleluia  MANALO

     Eat This Bread - Low Key

     Emmanuel ANGRISANO

     Eye Has Not Seen

     The Eyes and Hands of Christ KEY CHANGE

     The First Noel - Low Key

     For All Once Broken PIANO

     Gift from Heaven

     Gift of Finest Wheat LOW KEY 

     Give Us Your Peace PIANO 

     Gloria for Christmastime

     Go Make of All Disciples key change

     God With Us SCHUTTE

     Gracious God modulation

     Hail Mary, Gentle Woman CANTOR

     Healed in Christ PIANO 

     High Above Our Way

     Holy Is Your Name HAAS

     Holy Spirit - Lower Key

     How Beautiful

     I Am the Bread of Life ANGRISANO BOOTH

     I Have Loved You

     I the Lord verse 3

     In the Silence

     Isaiah 12 We Shall Draw Water

     I Will Choose Christ

     Jesus, Meek and Humble

     Keep Me Safe, Oh God

     The King Shall Come MATTINGLY

     Kyrie Joncas PIANO

     Kyrie Joncas CANTOR

     Kyrie Joncas SATB

     The King Shall Come THOMSON 

     Lay Your Hands

     Let Justice Roll Like a River

     Let There Be Peace On Earth  PIANO

     Litany of the Saints verses 1 - 4

     Love Has Come

     The Love of the Lord

     The Love of the Lord PIANO

     Make Us One with You

     Make Your Home in Me WALTHER

     Mass for a New World Gloria CANTOR

     Mass for a New World Gloria PIANO

     Mass for a New World Gloria SATB

     Mass for a New World Gloria PIANO LOWER KEY

     Mass of A&S Alleluia chant vs

     Mass of a Joyful Heart ALLELUIA

     Mass of Angels and Saints “Alleluia” verses

     Mass of Angels and Saints INTERCESSIONS

     Mass of Angels and Saints LAMB OF GOD

     Mass of Christ the Savior CANTOR

     Mass of Light Alleluia Advent verse 4

     Mass of Light Alleluia Advent 2014

     Mass of Light Alleluia Epiphany & Baptism of the Lord

     Mass of Light Alleluia Holy Family

     Mass of Light Alleluia Mary Mother of God

     Mass of Light LAMB REVISED

     Mass of Light - LAMB REVISED - lower key

     Mass of Remembrance LAMB OF GOD

     Mass of Remembrance Speak O Lord

     Mass of Renewal  KYRIE

     Mass of Renewal ALLELUIA verses STEPHAN PICKART

     Mass of the Resurrection ADVENT VERSES

     Mass of the Resurrection ALLELUIA

     Mass of the Resurrection ALLELUIA Jan Feb 2017

     My Soul in Stillness Waits

     My Soul is Thirsting 

     O Come O Come Emmanuel LOW KEY

     O God Our Help in Ages Past LOW KEY

     O Jesus Healer of Wounded Souls

     On the Lips of An Angel

     Open My Eyes

     Our God Is Here MUGLIA

     Palm Sunday Gospel Verse - Mass for a New World

     Panis Angelicus key of E

     Panis Angelicus key of F

     Panis Angelicus duet key of G

     Pastures of the Lord

     Penitential Act Mass of St. Paul the Apostle

     Pentecost Sequence

     Pentecost Sequence CLARK MANALO

     Pentecost sequence CLARK MANALO 2015 Nick Bloom

     Psalm 16 BRIDGE R&A 

     Psalm 16 The Path of Life SOPER

     Psalm 16 You Are My Inheritance O Lord PICKART

     Psalm 18 - I Love You, Lord COLSON PIANO

     Psalm 18 - I Love You, Lord COLSON CANTOR

     Psalm 18 - Colson SHORT REFRAIN

     Psalm 19 - Joncas adapted

     Psalm 22 R&A SCHIAVONE

     Psalm 23 - The Lord is My Shepherd - CRANDALL

     Psalm 23 - I Shall Live in the House of the Lord CRANDAL

     Psalm 24 - Let the Lord Enter

     Psalm 24 Presentation SMITH ANDREWS

     Psalm 25 - To You, O Lord SOPER

     Psalm 25 To You O Lord PISHNER

     Psalm 27 - DEBRUYN

     Psalm 29 CANTER

     Psalm 29 - The Lord Will Bless His People with Peace


     Psalm 33 - CHEW PICKART

     Psalm 34 - The Angel of the Lord R&A and Sullivan

     Psalm 34 The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor PICKART R&A

     Psalm 40 - Cooney Adapted

     Psalm 47 - God Mounts His Throne with R&A verses

     Psalm 47 - God Mounts His Throne

     Psalm 47 God Mounts His Throne PICKART

     Psalm 51 - Be Merciful O Lord ANGRISANO

     Psalm 67 - O God Let All the Nations, with R&A verses 

     Psalm 67 - O God Let all the Nations

     Psalm 67 -  Pickart

     Psalm 69 - Turn to God In Your Need

     Psalm 69 - Turn to God COONEY

     Psalm 71 PCY 3

     Psalm 72 - Justice Shall Flourish

     Psalm 72 Justice Shall Flourish COONEY CHANT

     Psalm 72 - Lord, Every Nation

     Psalm 78 - PICKART

     Psalm 80 - Lord Make Us Turn to You LYNCH

     Psalm 80 - The Vineyard of the Lord KEIL

     Psalm 84 - How Lovely JONCAS

     Psalm 89 Forever I Will Sing HAUGEN R&A

     Psalm 89 Forever I will Sing HAUGEN PICKART   

     Psalm 90 PICKART R&A

     Psalm 90 Alstott Pickart

     Psalm 95 If Today You Hear His Voice SOPER

     Psalm 96 - R&A adapted

     Psalm 96 Pickart CANTOR

     Psalm 96 Pickart PIANO

     Psalm 98 The Lord Has Revealed HURD

     Psalm 100 We Are God’s People

     Psalm 100 We Are His People ALSTOTT PICKART

     Psalm 103 - The Lord Is Kind and Merciful  MANALO

     Psalm 103 MANALO and R&A 2016

     Psalm 104 - Pickart R&A

     Psalm 116 - I Will Walk in the Presence of God

     Psalm 118 - This Is The Day  JONCAS

     Psalm 118 This Is the Day SOPER

     Psalm 119 - Blessed Are They

     Psalm 122 - Let Us Go Rejoicing HURD

     Psalm 123 - PICKART R&A

     Psalm 126 CORTEZ BATCHO

     Psalm 131 In You Lord I Have Found My Peace WILLCOCK

     Psalm 138 - On the Day I Called 

     Psalm 145 I Will Praise Your Name SOPER LOW KEY

     Psalm 146 FARRELL

     Psalm 146 HURD

     Psalm 146 HURD Lord Come and Save Us

     Psalm 146 HURD Lord Come and Save Us REVISED

     Psalm 146 Hurd Praise the Lord My Soul REVISED VERSES

     Ready the Way HURD

     Remain In Me I Am the Vine ANGRISANO

     Rest In God Alone PIANO & CANTOR

     Return to God

     Sacred Silence

     Saints of God HURD

     Soon and Very Soon

     Spirit Blowing through Creation

     Take and Eat

     Take Up Our Cross

     Take Up Our Cross CANTOR

     Take Up Your Cross CORTEZ

     Tantum Ergo

     Taste and See - ANGRISANO

     Taste and See

     The King Shall Come MATINGLY

     They Who Do Justice PIANO

     This is the Day - Fisher

     This is the Day - Soper

     Veni Sancte Spiritus

     Voice of Christ

     We Are Called LOWER KEY PIANO 

     We Have Been Told

     We Remember PIANO

     We Remember PIANO INTRO

     We Will Rise Again

     Where There is Love HAAS

     Without Seeing You

     Word Made Flesh

     You Are All We Have OBRIEN

     You are the Healing

     You Are the Light PIANO

     You Are Welcome Here MUGLIA