We often speak of stewardship in the context of time, talent, and treasure.

 Stewardship is all of these and more.

True stewardship is a deeply meaningful way of living.

In the Bible, a steward is one who cares for the property of others, nurturing it to yield an increase. 

We are to understand that everything, even our very lives, is a gift from God that is to be cared for and then shared.


Jesus tells us that God’s way of caring and loving us is sharing and sacrifice—one that Jesus modeled for us by sacrificing himself freely and entirely, holding nothing back.


As disciples, when we share our presence, our abilities, our prayers, and our service, we continue Christ’s mission, transforming the world one person at a time.


True stewardship is a disciple’s response to a loving God who gives us everything and to whom we return everything.


As you look over all the ministries offered here at St. Pius X, prayerfully reflect on what God is calling you to do and be part of.

If there is something on your heart that is not offered, please consider starting it!


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    Don’t just go to church. Be the church.





2022 - 2023 St. Pius X Stewardship Commission

Dan Stabile, Geri Stabile, Mary Chizek, Don Chizek, Brad Scott 

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Stewardship Prayer