Have you received your 2021 Stewardship information in the mail?

The goal this year is to clean up our parish database by having each parishioner verify their information.

There are three areas of information we would like reviewed (contact information, ministries, and financial commitment).  Please email questions to [email protected].

Stewardship 2021

God asks everyone to become invested in their faith life. We can all do this  by sharing in prayer, sharing our talents, and sharing financially. You are invited to plan your gift to God, giving back a fair and generous percentage of the blessings God has bestowed on you.

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Consider how God is nudging to you to share a portion of your

TALENTS with Him and in service at St. Pius X.



2020 - 2021 St. Pius X Stewardship Commission

Dan Stabile, Sandy Christensen, Jerry Christensen, Mary Chizek, Don Chizek, Brad Scott and Cyndy Logue

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Stewardship Prayer