Visiting Programs

Homebound parishioners who may live in their own home or one of the area care facilities can receive visits from a member of the Pastoral Care Team.  The steward is committed to serve with love and integrity demonstrated by the life and ministry of Jesus.  As a homebound parishioner, you may expect to receive a visit at least once a month.  These visits are separate from a Eucharist Minister bringing Communion.   The steward is provided on-going training and support to help facilitate the visits and to provide the parishioner with valuable faith resources.


Hospital visits are made on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays or upon request.  If you would like a member of the Pastoral Care Team, Rev. Jon Seda, Deacon Scott Zogg, Deacon Paul Zimmerman or Sean Lokmer; to visit during your hospital stay, please be sure the hospital staff know that you are a member of St. Pius X Catholic Parish.  This can be done upon admission or by contacting the hospital admission staff at the hospital.  You may also call the St. Pius X office at 393-4445 to arrange a visit.  As a reminder, Anointing of the Sick may only be performed by a priest.