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Greeters, Ushers, Lector, Lead EM’s and Altar Servers

I’m concerned about the number of no-shows which has been rising the last few weeks.  I know the weather has gotten nicer and our plans change (for me too:) but please, if you can’t make your scheduled time, we ask that you find a sub.  We count on everyone who is scheduled to be here and we believe every ministry is important.  Take a look at your currently scheduled dates and if you know now that you can’t make it please find a sub.  You can  ‘REPLY TO ALL’ from the last email you received from me with the whole group on it.  There are a couple ISP’s who can’t send to the greeter group since it’s too large. Mediacom is one of them which is why I switched from Mediacom to gmail.  I think all other groups are small enough to go out on most ISP’s. Please don’t rely on Sandra or myself to take care of it for you.

Click here for a contact list of all ministers.  It shows mass time, email and phone numbers.  If you see that your email or phone # is incorrect or not listed please get that to me.  


Marianne Wink, [email protected]